Privacy Policy

Last Updated July 20, 2016

This Privacy Policy outlines how your information is collected and used by GREAT AMERICA PAC. This Policy may change and a modification will be evidenced by a change in the date listed above.

1. Information that you provide directly to GREAT AMERICA PAC, including but not limited to, your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, social media handles, location, and any other contact or identifying information you chose to provide will be collected by GREAT AMERICA PAC. By providing this information to GREAT AMERICA PAC, you consent to being contacted by us through these mediums.

2. We may collect information related to your mobile device including, but not limited to, the hardware model, operating system and version, device identifiers, and mobile network information.

3. GREAT AMERICA PAC may share information about you as outlined below:

a. With various venders, consultants, volunteers, and/or service providers who need such information to conduct business on GREAT AMERICA PAC’S behalf;

b. With candidates, campaigns, groups, 3rd party partner organizations, or any other like-minded organizations that have similar political viewpoints, principles, and/or objectives or share similar goals, and with organizations that facilitate communication and the sharing of information among such groups;

c. With the Federal Election Commission and as otherwise as required by federal law, including, name, mailing address, employer and occupation (see for additional information);

d. When GREAT AMERICA PAC believes it is required or lawfully authorized to do so or that disclosure is reasonably necessary and/or appropriate in order to comply with the law or legal processes, or to respond to lawful requests, claims or legal authorities, including responding to subpoenas, warrants, and/or court orders;

e. In connection with, or during negotiations for, any reorganization, formation of a new committee or successor organization, asset sale or transfer, or any other situation where personal information may be disclosed or transferred as one of the assets of GREAT AMERICA PAC; and

f. With your consent or at your direction, including if GREAT AMERICA PAC notifies you either through its website or through SMS message that information you provide will be shared in a particular manner and you provide the requested information.

4. GREAT AMERICA PAC may share aggregated or anonymized information that does not directly identify you.

5. If you sign a petition offered online by GREAT AMERICA PAC, you understand that the petition is public and give consent for your name, city, state, and, if applicable, any comments made by you, to be made public by GREAT AMERICA PAC.

GREAT AMERICA PAC may, in its sole discretion, provide such petitions or a compilation of same to national, state, or local leaders, members of the press, or any other individual or entity who requests information related to said petition.