Great America PAC Surging To Support Trump As Election Day Approches Per Co-Chairman Eric Beach

Great America PAC, the leading Pro-Trump Super PAC, announced today they have raised over $5.5 million in October and are in the process of deploying a series of independent expenditures in the closing days of the campaign. Great America PAC leadership raised an additional $3.5mm over the past 8 days, which adds to the $2mm reported in the latest FEC filings.

Great America PAC fundraising and expenditures in the final month have exceeded all other Super PACs supporting Trump, positioning them be the most impactful independent committee working to elect Donald Trump in the critical final days of the election.

“This is exactly what Ed and I set out to do this year and it’s exciting to see these efforts providing such strong support to Trump’s candidacy in these final days,” said Eric Beach, Co-Chairman of the committee. “With the momentum swinging back towards Trump, our battleground state operations are reporting incredible energy on the ground that will help us maximize efforts heading into election day.”

Great America PAC’s turnout efforts include a robust ground operation with local campaign offices and strong GOTV operations in the battleground states of Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Nevada in the closing days. The final push will incorporate targeted paid media ads on TV, radio, and digital platforms coupled with the GOTV effort led by our local offices across these key states to maximize the turnout for Trump on election day.

Great America PAC is the premiere pro-Trump Super PAC led by veteran Republican strategist, Ed Rollins. The group has raised and spent over $25 million from more than 250,000 contributions in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy, broadcasting more than 7,500 TV spots, 300,000 radio ads, 2.5 million direct mail pieces and 5 million phone calls, and built a file of millions of active, newly engaged Trump supporters across the country.