Great America PAC Raises Another $4 Million Today And Deploys Another Large Independent Expenditure In Final Days Per Co-Chair Eric Beach

Great America PAC, the leading independent Pro-Trump Super PAC, announced it has raised another $4,000,000 in one day; bringing the total raised to $9,000,000 in the last two days. The surge of support behind Trump is continuing as trends in the race are moving his way in the final 6 days remaining. Great America PAC’s strong closing efforts have been bolstered by its most successful month of fundraising to date. Their impressive fundraising haul in recent days shows large donors are piling on to help deliver a Trump victory next Tuesday.

“We always knew we’d have a great finish, but this latest surge of donor support for Donald Trump is beyond even our own expectations,” said Eric Beach, Co-Chair of the committee. “I knew our grassroots operations were showing tremendous excitement on the ground, but now this enthusiasm has fully reached the major donor community and we are excited to play a key role in the final push. Donald Trump is poised for victory next Tuesday and we all are doing our part to make it happen.”

Great America PAC final push includes a Battleground Bus Tour through swing states with a multi-pronged $8.5 million independent expenditure in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy for President. The program will include a TV, radio, and digital campaigns. In addition, Great America PAC’s campaign offices in those states, established earlier in the campaign, have been ramping up their operations as they work to turn out voters on Election Day.

Great America PAC is the premiere pro-Trump Super PAC led by veteran Republican strategist, Ed Rollins. The group has raised and spent over $30 million in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy, broadcasting more than 17,500 TV spots and 250,000 radio ads, secured over 250,000 contributors, built a file of millions of active, newly engaged Trump supporters across the country, placed over 5 million phone calls, and sent over 2.5 million pieces of mail. Great America PAC is the ONLY PAC with field offices in the battleground states with boots on the ground and is also the ONLY PAC running Spanish-language ads on TV and online.