Trump PAC Keeps Spending to Push Supporters to Call Senators

February 16, 2017

A Trump Super PAC that says it built a list of 3 to 5 million active supporters during the 2016 election using tactics including direct response 1-800 number TV ads has spent around $175,000 this month alone to keep the pro-Trump momentum rolling. Post-inauguration, Great America PAC has been serving up Facebook and radio ads encouraging people to call their senators to support President Trump, his agenda, and his nominees, including Neil Gorsuch, his pick for Supreme Court Justice.

The group, which spent $100,000 earlier this month with Republican digital ad firm Campaign Solutions, is running ads on Facebook promoting key initiatives promised by the president while on the campaign trail: the building of a U.S.-Mexico border wall and the repeal of Obamacare. The ads coax people to call their senators in support of the policies.

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Pro-Trump super PAC aims to serve as new president’s main outside ally

November 11, 2016

One of the biggest super PACs that backed Donald Trump’s election is refashioning itself to serve as his main outside ally, planning to put pressure on Democrats and Republicans alike who try to stymie the new president’s agenda.

Great America PAC spent roughly $30 million on TV and radio ads, phone calls, mailers, and a ground organization to support Trump since it formed in February, amassing a list of 250,000 donors. The group is now aiming to tap those contributors — which includes both billionaires and small-dollar givers — to finance a permanent effort to support Trump’s legislative plans, officials told The Washington Post.

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Super PAC tries to plug holes in Trump’s ground campaign

September 15, 2016

Great America PAC is rolling through some of campaign 2016’s most contested states, opening offices and registering voters. In a presidential race where Trump has paid little attention to the ground game, this outside group has decided the best way to support the GOP nominee is to take such matters into its own hands.

“We look at it as, how do we fix the missing pieces of the campaign?” said Ed Rollins, lead strategist for Great America.

The group is using a different playbook — both in how it raises and spends money — than the usual super PAC. It has struggled to land major donors, but has toiled since January, making it one of the most senior and active outside groups in the Trump orbit.

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Eric Trump attends pro-Trump super PAC fundraiser

September 13, 2016

One of Donald Trump’s sons, Eric Trump, attended and spoke at a fundraiser for a super PAC backing his father on Tuesday, the closest yet that Trump and his campaign have come to blessing one of the competing groups that have jockeyed for support among big donors.

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Trump Super PAC Spent Millions on TV and Voter Outreach

August 4, 2016

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has spent nothing since May on TV advertising and little on other media. But the real estate tycoon has backing from a PAC that spent millions in June and July to attack Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and convince voters that he will bolster the country’s military prowess.

Great America PAC spent $3.8 million on TV ads, phone and online voter contact and voter data in June and July, according to Ad Age analysis of Federal Election Commission filings submitted by the group last month.

Ads from the organization, which counts veteran GOP campaign lead Ed Rollins as its top strategist and LendingTree founder and CEO Doug Lebda as co-chair, support Mr. Trump’s promises to “Rebuild our military and make America respected in the world again,” “Defeat ISIS and radical Islam,” and “Stop the scourge of illegal immigration by securing our borders and building a wall that Mexico will pay for.”

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Pro-Trump super PAC to air new commercial during DNC

July 25, 2016

Donald Trump, in his first week as the official Republican nominee for the White House, will be getting some air support during the Democratic National Convention from one of the aligned super PACs promoting his candidacy, Great America PAC. The group is out with a new, minute-long commercial featuring Dr. Dorothy Woods, the widow of […]

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Ed Rollins Statement on Karen Handel’s Victory in GA-06

June 23, 2017

“Karen Handel should be commended for a hard-fought victory tonight. She withstood an unrelenting onslaught of record-shattering liberal special interest money from across the country and still came out on top by addressing issues the actual voters in the 6th District of Georgia care about. She’ll now be able to deliver real results for her district and work with President Trump to pass a pro-growth, America First agenda through Congress,” said Rollins.

“Great America PAC was proud to play an important role in Handel’s victory by promoting President Trump’s successes within the district and a targeted voter turnout campaign, featuring the 6th District’s favorite son Newt Gingrich, that helped drive Handel voters to the polls and put her over the top,” continued Rollins.

“Tonight’s victory is a clear sign Democrats still haven’t gotten the message: the people are tired of being lectured to and told what to think and do by establishment elites and DC Democrats who are out of touch with the rest of America,” concluded Rollins.

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Great America PAC Launches Phone Campaign with Sheriff David Clarke and Ed Rollins Supporting Greg Gianforte’s Montana Congressional Race

April 21, 2017

Great America PAC, the leading political action committee supporting President Donald Trump and his agenda, has begun a phone campaign urging support for Greg Gianforte for Congress in the special election being held May 25, 2017. Two separate messages are being delivered as part of the effort – one from America’s Sheriff David Clarke and another from Ed Rollins – who both urges voters in Montana to support and vote for Greg Gianforte.

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Ed Rollins Statement on Senate Confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch

April 7, 2017

“Great America PAC was proud to strongly support Judge Neil Gorsuch since the President first nominated him and play an important role in this victory. We spent heavily on our pro-Gorsuch campaign, airing over 300,000 radio ads on over 1,300 local stations and driving 100,000 calls to Senate offices. As a result of our efforts and other aligned groups, Judge Gorsuch was even supported by three Democrat Senators who smartly put principle over politics on this vote. We will continue playing a leading role in supporting the President’s agenda with our targeted television, digital, mail and phone campaigns in the months ahead” – Ed Rollins, Great America PAC lead strategist

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Great America PAC Praises Historic Trump Victory

November 9, 2016

Great America PAC, the leading independent Pro-Trump Super PAC, today praised last night’s historic victory by President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. The thrilling election finish was fueled by the tremendous excitement of Trump supporters across the nation and a strong desire by the national electorate to take the country in a different […]

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Great America PAC Concludes Battleground Bus Tour With Appearance At Donald Trump Event In Raleigh, North Carolina Per Co-Chair Eric Beach

November 7, 2016

Great America PAC, the leading independent Pro-Trump Super PAC, announced their Battleground State Bus Tour concludes today with a final stop in Raleigh at Donald Trump’s last campaign event in North Carolina. Starting last week, the Great American PAC Bus Tour featured a star-studded lineup that included Actor Jon Voight, Sheriff David Clarke, Mike Huckabee, Dorothy Woods, Larry Elder, Mike Gallagher, and others to rally support and drive GOTV efforts in battleground states. The tour included 10 stops, starting in Nevada then moving through Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.

“It’s been an incredible final push and it feels great to end our Battleground State Bus Tour at one of Donald Trump’s final campaign events,” said Eric Beach, Co-Chair of the committee. “Our team has worked extremely hard to support Donald Trump the past 10 months and I could not be more proud of our effort. When Donald Trump makes history tomorrow, we know our relentless campaign to support him will have played an important role in the victory.”

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Great America PAC Raises Another $4 Million Today And Deploys Another Large Independent Expenditure In Final Days Per Co-Chair Eric Beach

November 2, 2016

Great America PAC, the leading independent Pro-Trump Super PAC, announced it has raised another $4,000,000 in one day; bringing the total raised to $9,000,000 in the last two days. The surge of support behind Trump is continuing as trends in the race are moving his way in the final 6 days remaining. Great America PAC’s strong closing efforts have been bolstered by its most successful month of fundraising to date. Their impressive fundraising haul in recent days shows large donors are piling on to help deliver a Trump victory next Tuesday.

“We always knew we’d have a great finish, but this latest surge of donor support for Donald Trump is beyond even our own expectations,” said Eric Beach, Co-Chair of the committee. “I knew our grassroots operations were showing tremendous excitement on the ground, but now this enthusiasm has fully reached the major donor community and we are excited to play a key role in the final push. Donald Trump is poised for victory next Tuesday and we all are doing our part to make it happen.”

Great America PAC final push includes a Battleground Bus Tour through swing states with a multi-pronged $8.5 million independent expenditure in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy for President. The program will include a TV, radio, and digital campaigns. In addition, Great America PAC’s campaign offices in those states, established earlier in the campaign, have been ramping up their operations as they work to turn out voters on Election Day.

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Great America PAC Surging To Support Trump As Election Day Approches Per Co-Chairman Eric Beach

November 1, 2016

Great America PAC announced today they have raised over $5.5 million in October and are in the process of deploying a series of independent expenditures in the closing days of the campaign. Great America PAC leadership raised an additional $3.5mm over the past 8 days, which adds to the $2mm reported in the latest FEC filings.

Great America PAC fundraising and expenditures in the final month have exceeded all other Super PACs supporting Trump, positioning them be the most impactful independent committee working to elect Donald Trump in the critical final days of the election.

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Great America PAC Expands Leadership – Hires Two Top Operatives

May 25, 2016

Today Great America PAC, the leading independent committee supporting Donald J. Trump for President, announced the addition of Jake Menges and Rob Cole to the committee’s top leadership team. Jake Menges brings over 20 years of experience running high profile campaigns around the country and serving as a top aide to Rudy Giuliani for many years.

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